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The Clamour King

The Clamour King

David Muirhead

"What I love so much about David's style is the paciness, and the hint at mysteries yet to come." -- Dominique Le Roux, Moonshine Media

Size: 198 x 129 x 25 mm280 PagesISBN: placeholder
Publication: April 1, 2008

Trade paperback

  • £7.99

This powerful and evocative new novel by David Muirhead gives fascinating and disturbing insights into the adolescent psyche at a time when violence and abuse amongst school age children is increasingly in the news. Based on real people and actual events, it tells the story of a young boy, Peter Chapman, whose astonishing beauty, engaging innocence and "game-for-anything" approach to life shatters the tidy, pent-up world of a boys' boarding school on England's south coast. Abruptly transferred from another school following a scandal, Chapman quickly arouses the keen interest, both benign and perverse, of his peers and seniors, and of Philip Dryden, the bemused young housemaster instructed to keep a special eye on him. Chapman's arrival coincides with the start of rehearsals for a school play about Dionysus, the enigmatic god of wine and nature; a god who offers escape from the humdrum world through physical and spiritual intoxication - now, as always, at a price.

David Muirhead was born in Dar-es-Salaam. He was sent away to boarding school at the age of eight, first to Eldoret in Kenya and then to a school on the south coast of England, the setting for The Clamour King. He studied at St Andrews University in Scotland, graduating with an MA in philosophy. He has since worked as a newspaper reporter, in banking, economic development, public relations and publishing, in many different parts of the world. His first book, The Curious Case of the Imaginary Tourist, a quirky collection of short stories, was published by Struik Publishing in 2006. He currently divides his time between writing and running his own small business in Cape Town, where he lives with his wife and two children.


"Muirhead's book is a must" -- Caroline Munro, SA Times newspaper, London

Format: Trade paperback

Size: 198 x 129 x 25 mm

280 Pages

ISBN: placeholder

Publication: April 1, 2008

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