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Thomas Emson

19th Century London . . . a savage killer flees from a mob and plunges into the Thames, where he drowns. His soul departs his body, but even Hell rejects him - he is a Pariah, bound forever by curses in the place he died . . .Unless someone sheds blood in his name.

Size: ↑ 129 mm352 PagesISBN: 9781906727345
Publication: August 1, 2011Series: Snowbooks Vampire

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In 1888, five women are brutally murdered in the East End of London. The killer is never caught. In 1996, four women die in similar circumstances, their corpses mutilated. Again, the murderer escapes justice. In 2011, Charlie Faultless returns to the East End after 15 years in exile. His mother and girlfriend were victims of the 1996 killings and he has returned to deal with the demons of his past. But his homecoming coincides with more atrocities, and the reappearance of history's most terrifying serial killer: JACK THE RIPPER. With old hatreds simmering, Charlie faces violent ordeals at the hands of men fuelled by revenge and demons raised from hell. And as the identity of Jack The Ripper is revealed, the truth about Charlie's past also comes to light - and it is equally shocking.

Thomas was born in Bangor, Wales, in 1966, and raised on Anglesey, the island at the northern tip of Wales. He lives in Kent under another name with his wife, the author and journalist, Marnie Summerfield Smith. It was Stephen King's vampire novel Salem's Lot that fired his ambition to be a writer. He was a journalist for more than 20 years, working for local, regional, and national papers as a reporter, sub-editor, design editor, sports editor, night editor, and deputy editor. His first novel, a Welsh-language vampire story, was published in 1996. He's had three novels, two collections of stories, and two non-fiction books published in Welsh. He is also an award-winning playwright. On April 1, 2008, Snowbooks published his first English-language novel, Maneater. Skarlet, the first book in The Vampire Trinity, followed in 2009. Prey, the sequel to Maneater came out in that year, as well. He is now working on Kardinal, the last part of The Vampire Trinity. Thomas is represented by Mariam Keen at the Whispering Buffalo Literary Agency.


Format: Trade paperback

Size: ↑ 129 mm

352 Pages

ISBN: 9781906727345

Publication: August 1, 2011

Series: Snowbooks Vampire

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