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Zuzu's Petals

Zuzu's Petals

Sue Hepworth

Full of warmth and wit - Lucy Diamond

Size: ↑ 25 mm192 PagesISBN: 9781905005871
Publication: May 5, 2008


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'The touch of his hands on mine made a surge run up my arms. He must have been carrying a lot of static. Something to do with his polyester shirt. Or maybe it was static in me. I once got an electric shock from a pineapple.' Corinne has a new house and a new career. Does she even have the time for a new man? Corinne doesn't think so - she's too busy turning her hobbies into a business, helping out on a friend's allotment and trying to get on with her new reclusive neighbour, Rob. But when her elderly father becomes seriously ill, the thought of losing him tips her into a passionate affair with Charles, a man she barely knows. When her world begins to change, and Corinne is struggling to cope, who will be there to offer support? Funny and delicately observed, Zuzu's Petals is a tender, compelling story about family, friendship and different kinds of love.

Sue Hepworth has been a research psychologist, a social researcher, a full time mother and various combinations of these. She lives and writes in the Peak District.


Charming, intelligent and side-splittingly funny. -- Lynne Barrett-Lee on Plotting for Beginners

Format: Hardback

Size: ↑ 25 mm

192 Pages

ISBN: 9781905005871

Publication: May 5, 2008

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